Our Love [Book I] (Watty Awards 2013) (COMPLETED)

Our Love [Book I] (Watty Awards 2013) (COMPLETED)

339K Reads 8.7K Votes 24 Part Story
bbyg By MachineGunGoddess Completed

C R A P P Y    W R I T I N G !   W R I T T E N   W H E N   I   W A S   1 2   Y E A R S   O L D

Pain.     Hatred.     Anger.   Sorrow.     Torture.     Abuse.     

That's all Cher felt her whole life. 18 years of abuse was what Cher have been through since she was 2 years old, she was beaten by her pack until she couldn't move, breath or even twitch her fingers for the slightest to show that she was alive. Isolated from the world, Cher gave up on escaping her abusive pack and so has her wolf, Winter. But before, Cher always dreamt of one day that her mate will sweep her off her feet and save her from her pack... but that was 7 years ago.    


Alpha Slade Tiberius is the most powerful Alpha in the whole world. Known for his brutal and treacherous ways. Anyone crosses his path never lives to tell the tale but Slade was never like this before. He was sweet, kind, caring... until the day the Black Howl pack attacked his pack when he was only 15 years old. His parents died doing their jobs of protecting the pack, leaving him with all the responsibilities of leading a pack. Slade had to grow up fast for his pack and for his little sister. 

He swore revenge to the Black Howl pack and promised himself that he will kill every single one of them.   

Well, except for one.    

Problems will once again occur in Cher's life but with Slade by her side will everything be at peace? Or will disaster take place in it?    

Only one way to find out.

(Pictures used for the cover are not mine, credits to the owner)

  • abuse
  • alpha
  • alphamate
  • betrayal
  • comfort
  • death
  • furious
  • labor
  • love
  • luna
  • mate
  • mystery
  • novel
  • pack
  • revenge
  • rogues
  • saved
  • wolf
eclairebear eclairebear Sep 18, 2017
lol when it said "cream" my mind automatically went to yum yum sauce. just had to share that😂😂
writingseasons writingseasons Sep 02, 2017
i want a stuffed animal that tall, but i doubt it'd fit in my room aisbso
Ariana_Dallas_16 Ariana_Dallas_16 Jul 06, 2017
Guys I be never read this book and all of my ocs are Like this one eye silver that other gold OMG this book was meant for me😂
alanascrown alanascrown Mar 26, 2017
Go Cher! I was expecting her to be a weak character but she isn't. Yay
fall_out_13 fall_out_13 Feb 03, 2017
Okay.. *chants and slams hands down on the table repeatedly* Clifford Clifford Clifford Clifford!
MayaSchenk MayaSchenk Jan 30, 2017
Guys obviously Cher is wattpad. And wattpad is cute as hell 😭😭 jk