(Probably DISCONTINUED) Alone [PDH X Reader]

(Probably DISCONTINUED) Alone [PDH X Reader]

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cylestix By cylestix Updated Jan 04, 2017

You had just moved from O'Kasis Prep to Phoenix Drop High. It wasn't your choice, it was your mother's, the one you couldn't stand any longer.

You are a chill student, but boy, you're a trouble maker. Gene, the leader of the Shadow Knights, seems to take an interest in you. What he doesn't know is he'll soon fall for you.

An anti-social kid who's going through his emo phase named Zane catches your interest. You meet many other friends like Aphmau, Katelyn, etc. Though soon, most of the people you know will surely want you ALL to themselves.

You'll make decisions that could be for the good or bad. You'll have friends to support you. But in the end, you'll still be alone even if it doesn't look like it.

(Various Endings Included)

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Honestly, I don't live for myself. I live for my family and God, and only them. If I were to live for myself, then I probably won't be alive right now.
kale_exe kale_exe Mar 27, 2017
cool n good
                              here is your staek with no VEGITAL as you ordered sir
ShatteredAngelYT ShatteredAngelYT Jan 02, 2017
Mylie Cyrus, Casanova and Future flirt
                              (If you can't tell what-I meant who I am talking about, Garroth,Laurance and Travis
Oceanhannah Oceanhannah Jan 06, 2017
I love how I act in this story. With the comebacks and everything!
Bitch_Boi Bitch_Boi Mar 06, 2017
i know how to pronounce your name ya dumb. My cousins name is Kamila.
wopwoo wopwoo Jan 12, 2017
I think it's JayZ, Pancake Man, and Niki Minaj (I think that's how I spell it lol)