swapped ≈ reverse crush

swapped ≈ reverse crush

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crippling anxiety By its_nusa_obviously Updated Sep 24, 2016

What if Marinette never forgave Adrien for the chewing gum accident?


#199 in fanfiction (15.9.2016)

Cover is mine, don't steal it. 

Original idea, please if someone sees a similliar idea, please tell me

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BasicallySuga BasicallySuga Jun 02, 2016
My school ends on the fourth of June 💪 but I can't wait for this story ❤
elis_bev elis_bev Jul 06, 2016
I haven't started reading this yet but I already love the idea of a swapped crush au
aadrienette aadrienette Jun 10, 2016
My school ended like 2 weeks ago... lol
                              I'm marking this day on my calendar!
I read a fanfic where Adrien turned WORSE than Chloe because Mari wouldn't forgive him. He bullies her far worse than Chloe does, all the while making the rest of the school believe he is the victim of unrequited love.
OlgaTelo01 OlgaTelo01 Jun 10, 2016
Omg I can't wait. I bet it will turn out a fantastic book. Good luck💪💪👍👍👍👍👍✌✌
the_shipper_forever the_shipper_forever May 30, 2016
I can wait, (I will try SO hard not to die in 1 month) can't wait to read you work, good luck (LUCKY CHARM!!!!!! Here you go, a lucky charm😋)