Darkmoon Pack (Werewolves)

Darkmoon Pack (Werewolves)

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A walk in the forest, that's what I need. A stressful day at school and a walk in the forest will relax me.  This is what I do all the time. Every day without fail, I take a hour walk in the forest behind my home after school.  This time something happened that I didn't even expect in these woods. At first I heard a low growl and thought it was just a dog and an owner. Then it got louder, sounding like it was getting closer.  My head jerked in a direction where a twig snapped, causing my heart to start beating faster then normal.  It was a bit dark in the forest, considering it was winter. Then that's when I saw it, the red eyes coming from the bushes. My feet were frozen to the spot, I wanted to run but my feet didn't want to move.  I felt a hand go on my shoulder, turning my head, I saw a man, probably in his early twenties. ''Run!'' He whispered but loud enough for it to be a shout. I looked at the eyes and a hand grabbed mine, pulling me off in a different direction.  This isn't the best way to meet someone but what happens when they see more of each other? Will they enjoy each other's company? Will he be able to tell her the truth?  This is my first werewolf story and I know that it won't be to everyone standards but please enjoy.  Copyright. All Rights Reserved © 2013 LaurenSmiles101

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