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Watch Out For Those Snake Men (( PGxPG Mythological AU ))

Watch Out For Those Snake Men (( PGxPG Mythological AU ))

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There will only be 7 planets left after I destroy Uranus. By lucario1d4 Updated Oct 18, 2016

Naga Vincent x Traveller/ Writer Scott
A story that occurs around the XVI century ((  16th century ))

Scott is a quiet 27 year old man but already one of the most well known and recognized writers of Europe at the time. He travels all across the UK to get inspiration for his books.

Vincent is a lonely yet very sly naga who lives in the Galloway Forest, Scotland. Not much is known about this strange looking creature.

The two meet when Scott is exploring the Galloway Forest in order to get ideas for his novel. At first Scott is terrified of this half man half serpent creature, but grows to become very fond of him.

If you see any grammar errors please advise me but don't forget to say something about the fic as well.

I'll be trying to update this fic at least once a week, please don't try to rush me.

Owl_Gaming Owl_Gaming Nov 10, 2016
Wait a min, 7 kids plus parents 2 = 9, so basically...... THEY KNEW THAT SCOTT WAS COMING! ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED
serpentauthor serpentauthor Oct 25, 2016
Forgot to mention this last chapter, I've been to Galloway, it's very pretty, and I saw lots of cows, but not many snake people... 😂🐍
KiraKraus KiraKraus Jun 04, 2016
Everytime it says "Vincent crawls" I'm just imagining him crawling like a baby xD Wouldn't "slithering" be better?
JellyFishles JellyFishles Jun 27, 2016
You know what??? Next time some little kids get on my nerves and irritate me I'm going to take some notes from my good friend,Naga Vincent,and kill them. 10/10 logic
2000095K 2000095K Dec 09, 2016
Wait, 5 children? Like how Vincent murdered 5 in the original story? Lol.
WhirringDragon WhirringDragon Jun 07, 2016
As someone who writes a BL story with a naga main character, I can appreciate this~
                              (also, I've read all of your other fanfic and OMG so great <3)