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Mysty's Big Help

Mysty's Big Help

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Mysty By MissMysteryGame Updated 18 hours ago

Done FUN: insider help from a longtime veteran writer, Featured Author, and Wattpad Ambassador!
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zuko_42 zuko_42 Mar 12
Good advice. I actually took six years planning my book because I kinda left it lying in a metaphorical dusty corner. I didn't think I was ready to write it. But I liked it too much to abandon it, so I came back. No regrets. ^-^
I have loved BTS (a korean pop group) for years now and all the stories I have made are fanfictions about them, so I don't know what to write ;;
The problem with me is that one day I'll have a positive attitude and the next I'll be like what's the actual point? I have at least 6 drafts where I've written something. I just don't have the confidence anymore!
Omg I'm only reading this WHOLE book because there was a cat, and a really adorable one too... I'm not cat crazy
Fr though. When your book only gets a little views so you assume its okay to not update for months....hahaba
I'm always inspired literally I have a draft that is about 3,000+ pages already.. that is still in writing.