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Mysty's Big Help

Mysty's Big Help

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Mysty By MissMysteryGame Updated 4 hours ago

Done FUN: insider help from a longtime veteran writer, Featured Author, and Wattpad Ambassador!
    Tips on better prose and grammar, getting more reads and votes + contests!
    Updated Sundays!

I have loved BTS (a korean pop group) for years now and all the stories I have made are fanfictions about them, so I don't know what to write ;;
- - Apr 10
The problem with me is that one day I'll have a positive attitude and the next I'll be like what's the actual point? I have at least 6 drafts where I've written something. I just don't have the confidence anymore!
Omg I'm only reading this WHOLE book because there was a cat, and a really adorable one too... I'm not cat crazy
I'm always inspired literally I have a draft that is about 3,000+ pages already.. that is still in writing.
I'm a new author here, hi guys ❤ dropping by to read this book coz I started a new book and it hardly got reads 😢😢
BarefootSunshine BarefootSunshine 6 days ago
I look forward to the updates on this book, so excited when a new one pops up in my library.  Thanks for the tips, Mysty! One of the few books on writing I've found on this site that actually had accurate and helpful info in it :)