Jones' Sister

Jones' Sister

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Anime Fangirl By Raphewel122 Updated 5 days ago

(Cover made by FearsomeSamurai45657)
Casey Jones has a younger sister named (y/n) Jones. She is the opposite to what Casey is. She's shy, smart and keeps herself to herself. Despite her hatred for a certain redheaded O'Neil everyone likes her. April O'neil hates her with a passion but what's the reason?

And what happens when Caseys sister meets the turtles and sees something in a certain purple banded turtle? What will April do?  

This is a Donnie x Reader

SanLea SanLea Jun 25
' find my older brother Casey Jones. I'm Kacey Jones.' I feel like my parents were just lazy when naming us.
Mearchee Mearchee Jun 10
If my brother cane home one day and told me he was a vigilante, i would laugh in his face. Not even sorry bro :D
I love this story! And my actual last name is Jones haha so it's pretty cool reading it.
Girl have you NeVer SeeN A gAnG beFOre. 
                              RULE NUMBER ONE
                                Don'T CRy
leogirl40 leogirl40 4 days ago
Aww, Casey's such a good big brother. As if. Just kiddin' Jones ya not that bad!😂
This was kinda weird to read cause my names Kasey. (Not saying the story is weird, it was awesome)