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Leah147 By Leah147 Updated Apr 18, 2011

The speculation of 1851. It was hailed as a sure prospect, every cotton mill owner who invested was sure to succeed, but what it it failed? The city of Milton was soon to find out as some of the most prominent mills closed their doors leaving hundreds out of work. Within all this seeming calamity was Marlborough Mills and it's master; Mr. John Thornton. He was never one to engage in speculations, but this venture affected him none the less. Then there was Margaret Hale. She was from the south and never cared for his harsh northern ways, or so he thought; but she would always be the only women he would ever love.

Now Marlborough Mills was struggling and thru a series of events Mr. Thornton found that his new land lord was none other than Margaret Hale of London. Could John and Margaret find their way back to each other and set matters right or were they always destined to be apart...

This story is based on the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell, North and South, and the adaptation by the same name.  

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NancyTrowbridge NancyTrowbridge Sep 27, 2013
And unlike Fanny John didn`t go to her house & gloat like she did in the movie.
SabrinaBrandon SabrinaBrandon Jul 29, 2012
This is the first North and South Fanfic I have read centered around a failed speculation.  I enjoyed the way you explored that senario.  Not to mention the fact that you are an excellent writer!
RAfandreamer RAfandreamer Dec 28, 2010
Liked the first chapter, very interesting turn of events. Can't wait to find out how the story continues.