Wildfire: Katsuki Bakugo X reader ( Boku no hero Academia )

Wildfire: Katsuki Bakugo X reader ( Boku no hero Academia )

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Moogi By burnoutsyndromes Updated Aug 18, 2016

Warning: there will be cursing, because, well it's Kacchan of coarse! 

⚠️Cover and title has changed⚠️

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<Edit: (7/14/16) I edited through the whole story so publishing dates have changed>
<EDIT: (7/14/16) When you look up "Katsuki Bakugo" this is the first thing that shows up I'm sobbing I don't deserve this! It makes me happy though good god. Thank you everyone!>

Cover by: thejapanesenekotaku 
Title by: Trigunperson55

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mony_sakura mony_sakura Aug 12, 2017
It is either so strong or extremely weak 
                              But this one.....,    
                              I like this one.....~
that moment when you need to have 5/5 cooperativness to be able to do something wich bakugo
GalaxyMrashmellow GalaxyMrashmellow Dec 12, 2017
B-B+p-but how? Oh god..this is how I know that the book is gonna be good
torodoki torodoki Feb 07
speed? oh well. i'm pretty fast when i'm thrusting and i guess that'd be 100/5?
chubby-robot chubby-robot Aug 13, 2017
hey honestly you are my hero thank u for giving this nonbinary pal a chance
j-ungkookie j-ungkookie Jul 16, 2017
Ah I love an OC with flaws and weaknesses it makes room for character development and helps the story progress
                              Its also very satisfying to see a character go from timid to confident 
                              It makes you think 
                              I want to be like this character and I can do this to