Phantom(updating slowly)

Phantom(updating slowly)

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Stay close to me By Frozenheart10947 Updated Feb 10

Elsa moved to a new house. She got a great deal for a house for 200 dollars. The house was in good condition, it was just dusty that no one have been there in years but she didn't mind cleaning the house and making it beautiful. When she is in her new home, she feels like she is being watched.

Jack died a long time ago. He was killed in his own home. He scared people away from the house. Everyone is afraid to go in there so the state made it a lower the price so people will buy it. 
He is also 300 years old so he knows how to scare the hell out of you. One day, he saw his new victim but she doesn't get scared so he start observing her and he found out she is a amusing.
What will happen? Will Elsa get freaked out that a dead person living in her home? What if Jack starting to not want to share his new doll?
Elsa moved into his territory after all.

(Inspired by the horror movie The Others and The Phantom of the Opera)

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Mal-snow Mal-snow Jun 02, 2016
I can already tell this will be one of my favs!!! So u better update soon and make the chapters long! 😜😂
CrazyGirl1352b CrazyGirl1352b Jun 02, 2016
Love it!!! When's the next update?!!! Elsa is da BOMB!! Loves it!! 😊
TeamJelsa2015 TeamJelsa2015 Jun 02, 2016
First chapter and I love it so much😃 can't wait for the next one and the cover for this book yass I would make it my home  screen.
I-am-a-Jelsa-lover I-am-a-Jelsa-lover Jun 02, 2016
Your ghosts? Soooo I'm a ghost now? Cool! Please update soon. My school ended yesterday and I got nothing to do but to read and write.
elsamoon elsamoon Jun 01, 2016
This is so cool . You have the most rare and cool jelsa stories
foxynmangle foxynmangle Jun 02, 2016
I can't wait for the next update i love every book that you have!! I think your books are the ones I look forward to you updating I love it!