Half Magi, Half Fanalis | Magi x reader

Half Magi, Half Fanalis | Magi x reader

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ゆき By hakuryuutears Updated 7 days ago

the struggles of being the long lost fanalis princess and the new magi, chosen solely out of an attachment by family blood. 

⎡1ѕт ρℓα¢є - мαgι ωαттуѕ⎦

a/n: i'll only say this because it's been annoying me for quite a long time but judar's name can be spelt as judar/ judal/ judaru. i don't understand why people have the need to 'correct' me for spelling his name once as 'judal', but rest assured, through the rest of the book, your trigger of the word 'judal' won't be present :) 

also, people have been saying how weird it is that the reader's 'half magi' which will be further explained in later chapters. 

i know this doesn't apply to everyone but it's just been annoying to get the same comments when someone's already said something about it.

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The only thing I don’t like about these stories is 
                              A magi is just a type of magician not a race so you can’t be half magi and half fanalis 
                              You can be half fanalis and half normal or any other race and still be a magi
Dawnmate Dawnmate Jan 04
                              And here we are trying not to die at the first day.... But damn he's gorgeous ya know?
Xhivae Xhivae Feb 18
"I've brought you... myrrh."
                              "Thank you."
                              "JUDAS, NO!"
BlvckQween BlvckQween Mar 06
. . . I'm trying so hard, not to comment on that.. XD 
                              " Then teach me daddy~ "
                              I'm sorry.
                              WHO DID THIS ALEXANDER DID YOU KNOOOOOOOW?
Lord_Food Lord_Food Feb 15
Yep, that's what I thought
                              A swarm of Hamilton trash XD Don't worry, I'm Hamilton trash too