You Serve Me

You Serve Me

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That Gay Mom By MxHatsune Updated 5 hours ago

Ohohohohoho another mikuXLuka story from kittycosplayer.

Megurine Luka is a rich, well loved daughter of the Megurine household.

Hatsune Miku, a young girl who wants work to help her mother pay for bills. 

The Megurine household hires the young Hatsune to be their daughters personal servant. Luka is in charge of her, and Miku has to follow her every order. No matter how bold or lustful they maybe. She has to and will do so, so she can keep her job.

Yaay! This is gonna be another Negitoro story =D!! -Fangirl squeals-
OMG THIS IS AMAZING AS FUDGE!!! Girl you WILL update more. I wanna see some stuff happen. Kissing is a requirement! *^*
Kokoro4ever Kokoro4ever Jun 02
Oh gosh.... I like the way that these two goofs are being portrayed at the moment, keep up the good work. ^^
*sees the notification you updated* *immediately stops everything I was doing and reads* OMG BAE STORY UPDATED Y E S
This is amazing. I'm waiting for something to happen......XP
Kokoro4ever Kokoro4ever May 31
Hmm... What a nice approach between the two already. ^^
                              Im sure that it's about to get a whole lot more fun for miss megurine.