Facts About Levi Ackerman

Facts About Levi Ackerman

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Leviaddict By Leviaddict Updated Aug 20

Facts that you may or may not know. Basically just random things about Levi.

Disclaimer: I don't own the pictures, Attack on Titan, nor the facts.

The facts came from Hajime(his blog).

Smell of intestines? ;-;
                              I seriously had around 2 years ago dreams of falling, i couldn't help it, i would just fall and then get angry because i couldn't * keep standing *
I heard that if you have a dream where you almlst fall but then you wake up before you hit the ground then it means you almost died in your sleep-
one time i had a dream about dying and going to the after life ahhh
MikaAbner MikaAbner Sep 24, 2016
i had a nightmare two days ago about bursting into flames :(
Hetalian4Evr Hetalian4Evr Sep 22, 2016
If you sleep with someone you love the nightmares go away. *flops on bed* Cmere Levi