「 hamilton x reader oneshots 」

「 hamilton x reader oneshots 」

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TheBookThief_394 By TheBookThief_394 Updated Apr 05

^ What the title says :)

Feel free to send me requests (via the request page or private message) for any oneshot you'd like!

I have quite a few requests at the moment, so if you'd like a oneshot, it will take a while to get around to writing it.

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Can you do a Philip x reader where the reader is Aaron’s Burr’s daughter? Like where Philip hates them and everyone’s picks on them, but when Philip actually talks to her he realizes she’s nice. Philly could defend them from bullies and stuff. I NEED LOADS OF FLUFFY FLUFF! =3
ToryOMalley ToryOMalley Nov 02, 2017
Hello! Could you maybe do a King George III X reader, were the reader and KG cuddle while watching a scary movie , the reader getting really scared and KG just comforting her? (Also a modern au pls)
mercker mercker Oct 08, 2017
if these are still open, maybe one with philip and the reader are dating but the reader is blind and some people are picking on her? philip comes in like the good boi he is and tells off the bullies
                              (modern au btw)
Wolf-Flarrow-Fan Wolf-Flarrow-Fan Sep 08, 2017
Thomas Jefferson x Reader x Lafayette their in France and she's a total badass u can pick who she ends up with.
TalkLessTrashMore TalkLessTrashMore Aug 05, 2017
We also need a part three of 'Insults and...' like when 'We Know' or 'The Reynolds Pamphlet' happens
Hi, could u maybe do Angelica Schuyler x reader, where they make preparations for their wedding (A modern version)?