Miraculous Book Of Sin

Miraculous Book Of Sin

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sssssssaaaaa By sssssssaaaaa Updated Jun 08, 2016

Sin, sin and, well, would you look at that, more sin!! 


- LadyNoir
- Adrienette
- MariChat
- Ladrien

chickennuggets565 chickennuggets565 Nov 14, 2016
This is what i say when i have a bad report card and my mom comes home early.😋
LemonThrowerFan LemonThrowerFan Nov 05, 2016
But, but! You have to be more specific author-chan/san... 
                              What did actually happen that night? 😏😏😏😏
Mojikki Mojikki Dec 27, 2016
Expert flick?? How many bras has he taken off to be classed an "expert"??
Grace5122 Grace5122 Nov 26, 2016
                               IM LEARNING A LOT FROM THESE STORIES
                              ~Shows notes~ SEEEEEEE!?!?!?
fandomgirl20 fandomgirl20 Nov 11, 2016
Something tells me this is going to make me less innocent than I already am
Mojikki Mojikki Dec 27, 2016
WHAT DOES THE STUFF SAID IN THE PIC MEAN??!!! WHAT KIND OF LANGUAGE IS THAT AND WHY CAN'T I SPEAK IT??!! someone translate it pleeeeeaaaaaaaaseee 😭😭😭