My Boyfriend is a Playboy | Jungkook FF (Jungkook ❤ Reader)

My Boyfriend is a Playboy | Jungkook FF (Jungkook ❤ Reader)

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♚❤ Madella ❤♚ By longlosthumanXD Updated Nov 03, 2016

"Playboy.. Tch!"

"Yeah i play you, you play me" 

"I dont care leave me alone! You think your tricks will work to me!?"

"Maybe it can cuz' right now i know you already fell for my most trickiest trap"

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SugaKookieAndJams SugaKookieAndJams Aug 01, 2017
Complicated af, not pretty, kinda smart, you could say I'm loyal, nice when I want to be, A FREAKING POTATO
superiorOppar superiorOppar Jul 06, 2017
totally not pretty nor kind 😂 depends on who I'm talking to
KIMI NO NAWA!!! lol I just watch too much anime. Right Jungkook our fav anime *wink wonk*
LEeJaE_MiN101 LEeJaE_MiN101 Jun 20, 2017
All of these are the opposite to me, I am not simple, not pretty, dumb, foolish, not loyal, mean
yoitstamun yoitstamun Jul 29, 2017
ill change it by my own,  you: simple, potato, not so smart but sometimes, pretty kind, loyal maybe, nice (depends), clumsy
Ill change some:Simple, Pretty, Smart(Kinda), loyal(maybe),nice, rich(im not bragging, Kind(to good people), lazy, clumsy.