My Boyfriend is a Playboy | Jungkook FF (Jungkook ❤ Reader)

My Boyfriend is a Playboy | Jungkook FF (Jungkook ❤ Reader)

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♚❤ Madella ❤♚ By longlosthumanXD Updated Nov 03

"Playboy.. Tch!"

"Yeah i play you, you play me" 

"I dont care leave me alone! You think your tricks will work to me!?"

"Maybe it can cuz' right now i know you already fell for my most trickiest trap"

got_no_infires got_no_infires a day ago
Sorry just quick edit tip not meant to be rude or anything so plz don't feel offended:3 
                              The first sentence days she already stood up and then it says she got off her bed so you might want to stood to sat that way it makes more sense and clarifies that she's still in bed
leosze leosze 6 days ago
Omf- change the a to e and that's my nickname lol😂😂😂😂😂😂
It says that Jungkookie's a playboy and the song Playboy by EXO just started playing in my mind :)
DumbDumbirl DumbDumbirl Nov 27
kidnapped on the first day of school, raped and murdered I can already see the headlines of the newspapers