He's An Alpha. I'm A Rogue. We're Mates.

He's An Alpha. I'm A Rogue. We're Mates.

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Autumn_Nightingale By Autumn_Nightingale Completed

"My heart palpitated in my chest as my eyes settled on the beast of the man, my mate, his lips curled away from his teeth and he snarled at anyone who dared to come close to us, it was clear to me, the wolf had completely taken over."

One day Christina Black's family is murdered by rouge wolves right before her eyes, barely escaping with her life Christina and her brother settle in a small town, where they are suddenly confronted by the pack that has taken residence in the town. 
Christina and her brother understand that if they leave the territory they will be killed by another pack but if they stay they will be killed by one of the most ruthless Alpha's in the country.
When Christina is hunted down by the Alpha she is surprised to find that she is his mate. Christina and her brother are pulled into a brand new world where Christina learns the truth about why her parents were murdered and the huge secret that they had been keeping from her, her entire life.

Christina is faced with truths she never thought possible as her entire world comes crumbling down around her.

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Chani-Kun Chani-Kun Nov 21, 2017
María I hate you already have you seen what you did to my home Puerto Rico And now this you are Savage
seokjinismywife seokjinismywife Oct 24, 2017
This dude still carrying a flip phone, bruh. What year is this, 2004?
LazyLuna1 LazyLuna1 Feb 25
bitch! be grateful you are not humannnnnn! I wanna be a dog or wolf when i grow up
ZammyHarper1 ZammyHarper1 Dec 16, 2017
........Maria.....ur an Arse. An i dont mean a donkey😣😣
mkaymcr mkaymcr Dec 27, 2017
When you jump to conclusions. “Where is the nearest hotel?” “DONT HURT ME PLEASE”
It happens to me and my brother all the time... we are couple of yrs apart and a lot of people will be like is she ur girlfriend. I always laugh very hard and my brother just glares at them😂😂😂😂😂😂