He's An Alpha. I'm A Rogue. We're Mates.

He's An Alpha. I'm A Rogue. We're Mates.

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"My heart palpitated in my chest as my eyes settled on the beast of the man, my mate, his lips curled away from his teeth and he snarled at anyone who dared to come close to us, it was clear to me, the wolf had completely taken over."

One day Christina Black's family is murdered by rouge wolves right before her eyes, barely escaping with her life Christina and her brother settle in a small town, where they are suddenly confronted by the pack that has taken residence in the town. 
Christina and her brother understand that if they leave the territory they will be killed by another pack but if they stay they will be killed by one of the most ruthless Alpha's in the country.
When Christina is hunted down by the Alpha she is surprised to find that she is his mate. Christina and her brother are pulled into a brand new world where Christina learns the truth about why her parents were murdered and the huge secret that they had been keeping from her, her entire life.

Christina is faced with truths she never thought possible as her entire world comes crumbling down around her.

eclairebear eclairebear Jul 31
I love how this is his first thought. If I were in a werewolf book I'd probably be like "dang I really want a burrito right now. Maybe I should grab my friends and head to Chipotle or something."
eclairebear eclairebear Jul 31
Hmmm risk getting hunted and stay for a few days or get your ass out of there? That's a reallyy hard decision
Jakiehim Jakiehim Aug 10
Actually tho if I was running for a hell long time, I'd be lazy enough to stay too sooo
hmkbye hmkbye Jul 07
Jesus woman no need to get all angry at the poor girl she doesn't know who you are
hmkbye hmkbye Jul 07
Ugh I hate people like that they literally didn't do anything to you
linalove29 linalove29 Jul 21
Ok a never thought i would say this but 
                              I HATE THAT OLD LADY