To love you | Malum

To love you | Malum

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"Who wants to love a crippled boy who can't even walk?"

"I do." 

Michael Clifford was the exotic boy in school. Nobody wanted him because he strolled through the hallways in a wheelchair everyday. He didn't have friends - because they cared too much about their reputation. He had nobody and there wasn't a single person in his school who loved him.

Except for Calum Hood. 

Calum loved every flaw - every ounce of Michael and the boy wasn't even aware of it. But little did Michael know that a crippled boy and an extrovert could come a long way.


Cover credit to @maluming!!

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hel-SQUIRREL hel-SQUIRREL Dec 25, 2017
No one, not the straightest guys or gayest gals, like me, so I know your pain
hel-SQUIRREL hel-SQUIRREL Dec 25, 2017
Ours is called SAGA, it’s supposed to be an equality club for all, but it’s mostly LGBTQ+ equality
BlackCypher3 BlackCypher3 Sep 08, 2017
I would love to have astronomy, but my school doesnt have it :/
malumxcuddlesx malumxcuddlesx Mar 14, 2017
Y'all have such amazing subjects and I'm here stuck with biology and math.
                              I'd kill to study astronomy tbh
retardontheloose retardontheloose Oct 03, 2017
sometimes I feel like the gayest boy in school,,,,,, even tho i'm a female
kat_3241_ kat_3241_ Jul 22, 2016
I just saw it in my recommendations and when I read the description, i awed so loudly!!! I'm looking forward for this book :) ❤️