To love you | Malum

To love you | Malum

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"Who wants to love a crippled boy who can't even walk?"

"I do." 

Michael Clifford was the exotic boy in school. Nobody wanted him because he strolled through the hallways in a wheelchair everyday. He didn't have friends - because they cared too much about their reputation. He had nobody and there wasn't a single person in his school who loved him.

Except for Calum Hood. 

Calum loved every flaw - every ounce of Michael and the boy wasn't even aware of it. But little did Michael know that a crippled boy and an extrovert could come a long way.


Cover credit to @maluming!!

I would love to have astronomy, but my school doesnt have it :/
Y'all have such amazing subjects and I'm here stuck with biology and math.
                              I'd kill to study astronomy tbh
kat_3241_ kat_3241_ Jul 22, 2016
I just saw it in my recommendations and when I read the description, i awed so loudly!!! I'm looking forward for this book :) ❤️
I have a GSA club at my school (gay straight alliance) I think I'll join next year when I'm more confident and organized
PokemonMikey95 PokemonMikey95 Dec 11, 2016
Spends the rest of the night reading this book because it looks amazing
IPreferTheDrummer77 IPreferTheDrummer77 Nov 25, 2016
I already relate to this so much ugh like, I have major knee/back problems and we literally have a wheelchair/pair of crutches for me because I might just wake up one day and not be able to walk 😕😕 it sucks