The Headmistress's daughter [James Sirius Potter] (On Hold)

The Headmistress's daughter [James Sirius Potter] (On Hold)

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Dezignrimeluv By thatsmyspot Updated Apr 29

A few years after the Second Wizarding War, the Hogwarts castle was rebuilt and Minerva McGonagall was appointed Headmistress. Lacking a few companions, Minerva was left a lonely old woman. A lonely old woman who, instead of adopting multiple cats like any normal old woman would do, she adopted a little baby girl, a baby girl that was named, Eleanor. 

Eleanor McGonagall was properly raised. She was bright, she was a proper lady, she loved books and she loved the biscuits her mother would give her whenever she did something good, even more. And of course, she was a witch. Eleanor McGonagall was almost exactly like her mother. 

At eleven years old, little Eleanor was soon sent to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Where she would be sorted into the house her mother had almost gotten sorted into, and of course, where she would meet James Sirius Potter. The son of the boy who lived. The boy who's reason for everything was YOLO.

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ReggieArcturusBlack ReggieArcturusBlack Jul 13, 2017
I'm younger by 2 months minus 1 day (A day before independence day)
ReggieArcturusBlack ReggieArcturusBlack Jul 13, 2017
Is it a real book because if you right it I can't see it on your account?
ikelledsomeone ikelledsomeone Nov 09, 2016
Guys yassss Audrey Hepburn was born on the exact same day!! I did a report on her!!!!
liquid_communism liquid_communism Feb 13, 2017
Eleanor is the same age as me! Except my birthday is February...WAIT! This means I'm the same age as James! Sadly, older than Albus...and he's the one I like...
gallifreyarising gallifreyarising Aug 23, 2016
This is pretty good, I'll share this with fellow potterheads. :)
wolfgurl8989 wolfgurl8989 Oct 31, 2016
FRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭