Won't Let Go (sequel to Our Little Secret)

Won't Let Go (sequel to Our Little Secret)

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Starco Trash By Starlightnight7 Completed

Ash and Serena have been dating for a month. But the thing is, no one else knows. Serena has strongly begged Ash to keep it a secret but what will happen when Ash has had enough of this unnecessary secrecy?

This is a sequel to my book "Our Little Secret" so read that first. Thumbs up. Other than that it is  an Amourshipping Fanfic.

I don't own pokemon yada yada yada, DON'T SUE ME!

  • amourshipping
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_Cami_2003 _Cami_2003 Dec 22, 2016
This story is amazing!!!! LOL, Serena's excuse was hilarious!!!😂
CaptainAura CaptainAura Jan 07, 2017
I read this line and I thought of the ribbon ash gave to serena in the anime!! I was like HOLY CRAP THEY HAVE GRANDKIDS TOGETHER
LegitReader21 LegitReader21 Dec 04, 2016
Lol when I was on the last chapter of our little secret I thought "oh no its the end" but I jumped in joy when you told us about this sequel