Unfortunate Omega (H2OVanoss)

Unfortunate Omega (H2OVanoss)

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Misty By misty-chaos Updated Feb 06

H2O Delirious, or Jonathan has one main reason that keeps him from revealing his face and going to events. He's an Omega, which is extremely rare for males, unlike most of his gaming friends who happen to be Alphas, Betas and Deltas (according to Cartoonz).

To make matters worse, when his pressuring friends finally convince him to go, it happens to be dangerously close to the time of year when Omegas go into Heat.

With the help of his Alpha friend Cartoonz or Luke, he has no problem covering his Omega scent. Until Alphas collide and things go out of control.


The Alpha male pins him down with possession, rendering Jonathan completely unable to escape. He can't control himself, his body is hot and only gets worse as the Alpha nuzzles into his neck, breathing in Jon's scent.

"You're mine and no one else's, Jonathan." He growls into his neck, and Jon trembles with the amount of lust that hits him; the air is thick with pheromones.

"Yes... Evan." The Omega whimpers.

Cover art by @joaniiy on Insta and Tumblr :3

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I'm 5'4. Hehehe I'm taller than almost all the boys in my class. And most of my family is shorter than me
Uh nah my guy. Lemme just.... 
                              *switches girlfriend to boyfriend* *switched Kelly to Craig* 
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Luiwhen he finds out about Delirious: 🎶 I know I'm not the only one🎶
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Tyler if you don't start being protective over Craig I swear to god 😵😤
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Well those who opposite personalities tend to get along well