Played// Grayson Dolan & Ethan Dolan

Played// Grayson Dolan & Ethan Dolan

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MysteryWriter847 By MysteryWriter847 Updated Jan 13

"Honey I'm home early," I heard my mom yelled from down stairs.

"Get out," I panic pushing Grayson off of me.

"Shit," He whisper when he fell off the bed.

"Don't make a sound," I whisper while pointing at the window.

When Grayson was half through the window, we heard a knock on the door.


A 17 Year Old Girl Name Lola Was Just Having A Normal Life Until Her Neighbor Grayson Had Something In Mind Of Lola As A Opportunity But Lola Wasn't Having It.

And when Grayson's twin brother Ethan sees his brother having fun with his crush, he wants it to with his crush April too.

But both boys seem they can't keep a relationship last but what if these two girls changes that.

To be continued...

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krdrose krdrose Aug 05, 2017
"i want to kiss that lip soo bad" -G  #dirtyfanfictionvid lol xxx <3
dolancvrse dolancvrse Jul 18, 2017
To be honest I kinda liked the original version of this... don't get me wrong I mean i like this update too but I like the old one the most
dolancvrse dolancvrse Jul 18, 2017
Oh my lord ... those words reminds me of one of their videos when the Dolan twins were reading dirty fan fics😂😂😂
dolanbasics dolanbasics May 06, 2017
There was a guy who did that to me all of last year in class and it was so damn annoying
Am I the only one who read "Ohhh trust me I know" as his snapchat video😂😂
graysondolannnnnn graysondolannnnnn Oct 15, 2017
this outfit is so cute and orange is such an underrated color om