They're So Good | lirry stayne (boyxboy)

They're So Good | lirry stayne (boyxboy)

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~Book 3 in the He Does It So Well Trilogy~

"He's so bad but he does it so well." 

After moving into their own flat together, Harry and Liam have to work through the troubles of old demons from the past, new faces, and the financial struggles all whilst maintaining their love for one another. 

warning: this book contains mild violence, swearing, and sexual themes. 

copyright denouement13.

                              HOW!!!?? TEACH ME YOUR WAYS😭😂💞its great love keep up the great work
I can't wait for more updates I'm so excited for more these books are literally my life and oh man I can't wait!!!!!!! Xxxxx
I'm soo hooked already 🙏🏼🆘 thank you for this 🙆🏼
I literally read the other two books the whole of today...((:
*burst into tears with my son* that was such a beautiful speech
This book is gonna be lit and I'm so excited like, this may actually make my summer :-) :-) :-)