THE BUTTERFLY |Black Butler X Reader|

THE BUTTERFLY |Black Butler X Reader|

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'캡짱' By crescentV Completed

You are the queen's butterfly, one of her rightful hand nobles, a cold hearted one a vile person. 
A person who dosen't care about the happenings..
But what if you met a various people, and demons? 

Will you find someone who can warm your heart? 

C O M P L E T E 

Yana Taboso 
Owned the characters.

saraisdaname saraisdaname 6 days ago
...I thought of "Dear sir I hope this letter finds you in good health" from Say No To This from Hamilton
Chester is a perv...we should have seen this i mean his name is chest-er
And you should bring me some chocolate cake while your at it, pawn
Wow..... I'm Ciel now might as well have Sebastian as my butler too
Valinora Valinora Aug 07, 2016
lol. I'm writing a black buter fanfic and one of the characters is the queen butterfly. 😜 can't wait to read more!
I would be more like "but I don't like parties can't we just have cake?"