The Butterfly🔹Black Butler & Reader

The Butterfly🔹Black Butler & Reader

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Yeontan ✨ By GUCCIBOI- Completed

As the Queen's rightful hand you did things as to fullfill her wishes and commands, with your power and pawn. 

As the Queen's butterfly you must follow her lead, you must obey her, you must be rightful and loyal to her.

But what if people starts to get in your perspective, demons starts to bug in your life can you change it? 

A fate of yours that cannot be changed by you, because of the contract will you be able to free yourself from a demon's chains? can you change yourself?

A vile person.
A cold person.

Can you find someone who can warm your heart?

C O M P L E T E 

Yana Taboso 
Owned the characters.

Date started: July 1 year of 2016
Ended: November 4 year of 2016

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Calico52 Calico52 Jan 27
Whelp, I guess I'm just a Ciel Phantomhive knockoff...just like Claude is a Sebastian Michaelis knockoff....*sigh* everybody needs a knockoff (apparently)
Calico52 Calico52 Jan 27
Uta....have you been stealing all of those eyes again? *Squints*
pattygold25 pattygold25 Mar 01
What is the queen trying to say about me hu and if I’m off what does that make him
Achlysae Achlysae Feb 27
chetdrae22 chetdrae22 Sep 10, 2017
Name: Lily Marie Southerns
                              Eyes: pitch black or blood red
                              Hair: short white
                              Age: 16
                              Description: Suicidal teen who was taken from her family at age 3 and experimented on and turned into a demon/Angel. Assassin
b14zeb14ck b14zeb14ck Oct 02, 2017
It's effing 1 in the morning and I'm biting my hand so I don't wake up the fam with me laughing 😂😂😂😂