THE BUTTERFLY |Black Butler X Reader|

THE BUTTERFLY |Black Butler X Reader|

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kaep Jjang! By CupofRei Completed

You are the queen's butterfly, one of her rightful hand nobles, a cold hearted one a vile person. 
A person who dosen't care about the happenings..
But what if you met a various people, and demons? 

Will you find someone who can warm your heart? 

C O M P L E T E 

Yana Taboso 
Owned the characters.

ParadoxAce ParadoxAce Jan 25
It's to much like Ciel I would have been like "HELL YEAH!!! LETS THROW A PARTY!!!"
MeHawShadow MeHawShadow Feb 05
Oi, Alois Isn't a Slut, Remind me again who Fúcked the Nun?
Valinora Valinora Aug 07, 2016
lol. I'm writing a black buter fanfic and one of the characters is the queen butterfly. 😜 can't wait to read more!