Breathe Me (On hold until Summer)

Breathe Me (On hold until Summer)

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Phoenyx S. By d_arkening Updated Jan 30

In my panicked state I feel strong arms wrap around me, pulling me close. I inhale, his smell filling my senses. "You're safe now, just breathe me in." He says. My eyes close and the tears start to fall. "Shhhh, I won't let him get you. You're safe." I look up at him weakly, the guy I hate oh so much, holding me, it was unreal. But somehow this was the safest I've felt in a long time. So instead of fighting him, I buried my face into his neck and let him shield me from this nightmare while the rain beat down on us.

Wait- you're probably confused as to how I got here. Let me rewind a bit. I'm Charlie. Now that bit of the story may have seemed a little dramatic, and without context, I can understand why. But I can explain. 

I'm ordinary as far as anyone could tell. But if people stopped to get to know me, they might think differently. So right about now you're probably thinking, oh great, yet another cliche.  Before you jump to conclusions about me and start judging me, you're probably right. This is gonna be pretty damn cliche. But who doesn't like a cliche? Answer: no one in their right mind.

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// Started: September 10th 2016 //

Love your books, though I didn't realize you were the same author...... Oops
Not really but maybe aiden can defend her 😊🙃🤷🏽‍♀️
Woodward3 Woodward3 Jul 22
My mind is fine but I sometimes like cliché if the character has a good backstory
I hate when authors say this because it never happens on real life.
Mr. and Mrs Arrogance is amazing 😍😍 thank you for your amazing books
creativexdragon creativexdragon Aug 13, 2016
Title of the story and the prologue drew me in. Absolutely loving it and  I haven't even begun to read the rest. Really interesting :) x -C