Marinette of the Sea

Marinette of the Sea

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Unburnable Trash By CheesyPlagg Updated 5 days ago

Marinette Dupain-Cheng, a lonely 17 year old girl who adores the sea, Adrien. Her parents are always busy, Chloé Bourgeois is always annoying her to pieces and Alya is always helping out her family business. That leaves Marinette to go to her only friend, Adrien the sea.

One day, Marinette had enough, she wanted to swim in the ocean though she doesn't even know the slightest idea how to swim! She drowns in the ocean, but luckily someone saved her. Marinette discovers the existence of mermaids, leaving Marinette's curiosity to grow. She is willing to do anything to know whats the secret behind the mermaids.

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Cover by @SummerSnowQueen

Disclaimer: Characters do not belong to me, Characters belong to Zagtoon's Miraculous Ladybug and Thomas Astruc

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