Darkest Fear *Septiplier*COMPLETED

Darkest Fear *Septiplier*COMPLETED

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Gong Yoo✨ By PapaYoongi Completed

[BOOK 2 IS OUT! The Monsters Within]
[This story will be edited and written on @papamarkipoo but better and improved]
"Jack" Darks hand grips Jack's chin, and turns his face so Dark can look him in the eyes. "What..." Jack glares and looks away. " You're my drug.. So addicting, every night, everyday I think of you" 

  Hope you enjoy the story! :33

*Started: June 1st, 2016*
*Ended: May 10th, 2017*

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septiplierawaaaaaay septiplierawaaaaaay Mar 21, 2017
Infinabonnie Infinabonnie Aug 04, 2017
3 am. The time where youtubers make 'scary' documentations of freaky hinges happening to them
0fikiri 0fikiri Dec 19, 2016
How is he going to run with his stomach cut open? Like seriously teach me your ways
sunshine090502 sunshine090502 Nov 26, 2016
I've had the one about being killed by a human/demon except it was just me as a demon going after my human self. At first it was in my pov, then changed into the monster's pov as it was killing me, so I got to watch myself die... Horribly... Yaaay.....
Septipler101 Septipler101 Jan 14, 2017
*Starts Screaming Smut At Top Of Lungs While Running Around in Circles* SMUUUUUUUUUUUT SMUUUUUUUUUT SMUUUUUUUUUUT!!!!
PhoenixBlaze74 PhoenixBlaze74 Jan 12, 2017
nothing to be scare of....YOU STABBED JACK TO DEATH IN HIS DREAM!!!!!