"My Heart, Is Yours" (GarrothXReader)

"My Heart, Is Yours" (GarrothXReader)

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The Zvahl family was made up of 4 people:

-Hayden (The Father)
-Laurance (The Older Child)
-Cadenza (The Middle Child)
-(Y/N) (The Youngest)

(Y/N) was very smart at a young age and her intelligence was unexpected. She was so smart she got excepted in one of the greatest schools of all: New York's School For Great Knowledge. The only downside of this was that the school was in New York. She left her home town saying goodbye to her whole family. Laurance and Cadenza had high doubts that she would never be coming back, but after 7 years, Laurance gets a text from (Y/N) saying she's coming to visit and needs a place to stay. Laurance accepts and (Y/N) comes over and meets all of his friends, but falls in love with one of them and when they met, it was love at first sight....

I DO NOT own any of the characters or invented them. These characters were used in the story from a Minecraft series on YouTube called Minecraft Diaries. This series is owned by Aphmau so, all the characters that I used in the story were made by her but, I also invented some characters in the story myself and those are mine. If there is any problems with copyright, please address them to me or send me a message.

If there are problems with the rating of this story, please let me know as I am confused in what rating this could be. Again, please let me know, Thank You.

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(I never do what I actually look like or my real name lol)
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While doing a little dance, did he puff out his feathers?不不不不不不
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Yeah. I don't know how I'm that smart while being related to Laurance.... that's kinda impossible 
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thetoyboxs thetoyboxs Sep 02, 2016
Anyone else weirded out that when she said its mostly in garroth P.O.V and then BAM! laurence... I'm dying of laughter
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I walked into the kitchen scratching my butt while doing so.
                              KILLED MEH!!    :3      XD