Delinquent Academy || Completed - Book 1

Delinquent Academy || Completed - Book 1

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I'm pushed roughly against the wall making me gasp.
       ❝Why are you acting like this?❞ I hiss at him, gaining composure.
       ❝You just don't understand, do you?❞ He asked, running a hand through his hair. 
       ❝What am I not understanding?❞ I inquired on, getting impatient.
       ❝That you belong to me and no one else!❞ He snapped smashing his lips against mine, putting me in absolute shock.
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A party goes wrong that leads her to jail. Her parents who are forced to come back from their trip run into some trouble, murdered by a mysterious killer. The only thing that they left is a letter that says that this day would come and she could no longer go to a regular high school.
                                         Delinquent Academy, made especially for troublemakers. 
  ✓warning✓ - includes violence, mature language, some cringy scenes and undergoing major editing. 
  All Rights Reserved By Itssaliicee - © 2016 Delinquent Academy 
from the readers: 

"This is a great book and I believe you ended it in the right place.  Hopefully you will make a sequel but if you decide against that decision I'll let you now now that you are an inspiration to a lot of people and this book has been amazing." - Jademon13

"I loved this book it's probably my favourite book now😊. You are a great author don't ever forget that💕💕💕💕" - TheSapphirePhoniex

"This was an amazing book, thank you so much for taking your time for us and making this book for everyone here. Thank you 
   -your wonderful reader♡" - DestyneMiller4

"I cried bc this book is sooo beautiful" - shawnmendesbaewatch

"The ending is so good. IM FREAKEN CRYING 😭This was such a good book." - Invisible5792

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My after lunch class teacher is always 20 min late and we did not  mind but if we were late he will lock us out.
This is so true, I hate it when they try to break us. We love writing so even if we're not the best at least we try.
added to library im so stoked to start reading but sadly rn i have exams
boboo218 boboo218 Nov 30
papabueno68 papabueno68 Nov 28
call the police you dimwit
                              don't go exploring the crime scene like you're Sherlock Holmes or some shitt
Any one else think of the book "The Client" with Mr.Reed? If u haven't read it u should!