Delinquent Academy || Completed - Book 1

Delinquent Academy || Completed - Book 1

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its ya girl By itssaliicee Updated Sep 09

I'm pushed roughly against the wall making me gasp.
       ❝Why are you acting like this?❞ I hiss at him, gaining composure.
       ❝You just don't understand, do you?❞ He asked, running a hand through his hair. 
       ❝What am I not understanding?❞ I inquired on, getting impatient.
       ❝That you belong to me and no one else!❞ He snapped smashing his lips against mine, putting me in absolute shock.
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            A party goes wrong that leads her to jail. Her parents who are forced to come back from their trip run into some trouble, murdered by a mysterious killer. The only thing that they left is a letter that says that this day would come and she could no longer go to a regular high school.
                                 Delinquent Academy, made especially for troublemakers. 
  ✓warning✓ - includes violence, mature language, some cringy scenes and undergoing major editing. 
  All Rights Reserved By Itssaliicee - © 2016 Delinquent Academy 
- you'll want your own Ashton. trust me 

from the readers: 

"This is a great book and I believe you ended it in the right place.  Hopefully you will make a sequel but if you decide against that decision I'll let you now now that you are an inspiration to a lot of people and this book has been amazing." - Jademon13

"I loved this book it's probably my favourite book now😊. You are a great author don't ever forget that💕💕💕💕" - TheSapphirePhoniex

"This was an amazing book, thank you so much for taking your time for us and making this book for everyone here. Thank you 
   -your wonderful reader♡" - DestyneMiller4

"I cried bc this book is sooo beautiful" - shawnmendesbaewatch

"The ending is so good. IM FREAKEN CRYING 😭This was such a good book." - Invisible5792

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TheNunLife TheNunLife 5 days ago
Oh that's brutal 😂😂 this is the first thing I read oh cheese itz  😂
acakate acakate 4 days ago
I'm just imagining the murderer saying to himself, " oh, these would go nicely with the new furniture I just bought" and stealing the eyes. 
                              I have a twisted mind... 😔
TheNunLife TheNunLife 5 days ago
I love this book already I'm not going to comment much because I have books to write but good work 😂❤️
Hello for some reason I can't respond on my message board but I would be delighted to read your book
I'm so into this kinda shît 
                              Probably because the information will become useful in the future 😏
                              Maybe: "-her parent's lifeless bodies with their eyes missing from their sockets, leaving a sunken hole in its place."