Assassination Classroom x Reader

Assassination Classroom x Reader

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Y/N was the adopted daughter of Karasuma, so she was trained to be a professional assassin. Karasuma told Y/N what was happening in class 3-E and went as a transfer student. Once she entered the classroom all the boys stared at her, they were all head over heels for her. What will happen as Y/N experiences a lot of moments with the boys from 3-E class! And maybe even Asano Gakushu

This is NOT a one-shot story and it won't contain any 'chan' or 'kun' at the end of anyones name since it always bothered me. THANKS!!!

edit: this is my most popular story and I don't even know why, its so cringy I cri :') READ AT YOUR OWN RISK I GUESS, I WAS 10 WHEN I WROTE THIS SO I'M SO SORRY FOR YOUR EYES, it gets better tho, I hope

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