Wattpad Junkies Book Club

Wattpad Junkies Book Club

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Wattpad Junkies Book Club By W1JunkiesBookClub Updated Nov 06, 2016

Welcome to the Wattpad Junkies book club, home of addicts.
No, we don't believe in substance abuse, we are just addicted to exploring the wide selection of creative writing we have at our disposal here on wattpad. 

Whether you are an amateur writer, professional author or simply an amazing reader, you are all invited...

This is arguable one of the best experience you'll have on Wattpad with mini games, contests, group  interactions and much more...

Come on in and let your experience be worthwhile!!!

Username: DavidbryanSentasas
                              Title of book: Masked
                              Book Genre: Mystery/Thriller
                              Birthday: September 5, 2003
                              Reader or Writer: Both
                              I just joined clubs but I don't think I'm in yet
HappyKawaiiYellow HappyKawaiiYellow Aug 07, 2016
I would love to join but the link doesn't work from in the app
mitsangel mitsangel Jun 11, 2016
I cant open the form on phone. Is there any other way i can fill it. I am an old member of junkies.
Celestiamarie Celestiamarie Oct 09, 2016
Username: Celestiamarie 
                              Title of book: Rise of Stardew
                              Book genre: Fantasy
                              Birthday: March 25th
                              Category reader or writer: Both
                              I'm not in any other club because I'm new to Wattpad. I really hope I can be in the club😊
Sparkwing Sparkwing Aug 16, 2016
Hey, I might be a bit late for this, but I decided to join! Like a lot of others that I've seen in the comments, I can't open any of the fourms.
LiarsBelieve LiarsBelieve Jun 16, 2016
is it okay if my book is a fanfiction? because you didn't include it on the form