The Unexpected

The Unexpected

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Tyler and Mia have been best friends since elementary school. They've been through a lot together, including giving each other their first kiss and Mia losing her virginity to him. That night changes everything and Mia finds herself struggling to maintain their friendship. She tries to move on but Tyler is always there. He doesn't want to be with her but he doesn't want anyone else to be either. Throughout her struggle, Mia learns more about herself and meets many new people. But will any of that matter if she loses her best friend?
"What is wrong with you?" Mia asks in disbelief.
Tyler sighs, crossing his arms over his chest. "I don't do relationships. You know that." He replies, shrugging slightly.
Mia contemplates what to do. She has two choices:
1.) Walk away and never look back, meaning she'd lose him.
2.) Forget anything ever happened and allow him to continue walking all over her, meaning she wouldn't lose him.
Either way, she'd be the one getting hurt.
"Then I don't 'do' this friendship anymore. Goodbye, Tyler."

WARNING: Mature Content.

All Rights Reserved. 
©2016 by G.M. Garcia

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i_luv_jdb95 i_luv_jdb95 Dec 10, 2017
I just want you to know that this book sounds like my actual life right now with my best friend of 7 years.
I’m imagining the vine of birthday sex and I can’t stop laughing
_jahzlynn_ _jahzlynn_ Apr 21
I think this author is a little bit Vampire Diaries upset.....the names ring any bells? Tyler as in...Tyler Lockwood. Jeremy as in...Jeremy Gilbert. Its cool tho cuz....THE VAMPIRE DIARIES IS THE BEST SHOW EVERRRRR MADE!!!!!
I love your books so much! Can't wait to see what this one has in store!n ❤❤❤
Wow! This page has already grabbed my attention, great work.
idkusernameig idkusernameig Nov 27, 2017