A Reluctant Angel

A Reluctant Angel

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Progressive Properties has taken a very aggressive stance in parts of New York City, having big plans to develop where once small neighbors flourished. Now Angelique's Shelter, St. Gabriel's, is under attack and nothing could be more surprising then who showed up at her door to deliver the news. John McDougal, now a prominent property lawyer, and once love of her life, who broke her heart into a million pieces. 
  John never meant to hurt her. Hiding from a past filled with pain, John did what he thought necessary to help those that he loved, a decision that left him utterly alone. Events have come into play that he cannot stop but he hoped he could, at the very least, play damage control, not wanting Angelique to be hurt further. 
  Discovered by John and his brother Michael, behind St. Joseph the Worker church when she was just a teen, Angelique still remembers nothing of her past. Raised by Rev. O'Bryan, Angelique has grown into a champion for the weak and downtrodden. Once her mortgage is called due, and her funding is cut she finds she is in real danger of losing the Shelter, forever. 
  But something even bigger underlies these events. And those that Angelique loves are in the most danger. A stranger has reveled himself at just the right time. His task? To get Angelique to remember who she really is before all is lost. 
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sparklediamond34 sparklediamond34 Feb 10, 2017
So touching!  He must have been a great man while still breathing
sparklediamond34 sparklediamond34 Feb 10, 2017
A great sacrifice. Such kids are rare!  Most kids spend most of their time grumbling when things don't work out their way
KayJaf KayJaf Jul 22, 2016
love love love x a million. so emotional and your choice of words is spot on. so excited to read more!
SisterPride SisterPride Jun 14, 2016
Wow, the depth of emotion in the first chapter leaves me wondering where this could possibly go from here?  Can't wait to find out!
kyoko11997 kyoko11997 Feb 24, 2017
Simply loved the first chapter! Can't wait to read what happens next :)
sparklediamond34 sparklediamond34 Feb 10, 2017
That isn't true John. God cares for you. Hardship comes to make you stronger and wiser