Not yours to keep (complete)

Not yours to keep (complete)

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vanessa is lets see?...special ah who am i kidding she is crazy a wild card does what she wants when she wants.

common sense is not a word in her dictionary.

kaden he is well lets just say he has no idea what he's in for when he meets vanessa.

these two are definitely interesting. considering kaden thought it was a smart idea to kidnap vanessa. like i said common sense is not a thing this book contains.

this book has some very weird content and half of the characters act like they are on drugs so don't say i didn't warn you.

i walk over to the stove to see some rice in a pot, i just continue to stir whats in the pot pretending I am an evil witch making a potion 
"Abracadabra cow Moooooooo"
I chant stirring the pot

"Abracadabra cow....oh shoot" I say once I see the mess I made on the stove 

i grab a dish cloth to wipe up the mess, once i was done i put the cloth down on one of the burners beside me, bad idea because it quickly caches fire.

Damm I really should be paying more attention in home-Ec

''shit'' i say blowing on the small fire i have created.

''is everything okay in there Vanessa'' Daniel says from the pantry.

''yup everything fine'' i yell back.

i think fast and open a window in the kitchen but the fire just gets bigger.  ''

are you an idiot Vanessa oxengen feeds a fire'' i say to myself. Panicking at the fire

what would spiderman do I say jumping up and down on the spot panicking think think think and out of the corner of my eye i see a broom. i run to the other side of the kitchen and grab it then run back and start hitting the fire with the broom, suddenly the fire alarm goes off .

Shoot I forgot those exist........

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Misty_m2003 Misty_m2003 May 28
the insults tho i would just laugh my ass off if i heard someone call someone else thoses insults ha
Hellcat11 Hellcat11 Jul 11
Okay , question. I know it's not really my place but what's with the lack of capitalization?  One of my pet peeves is proper grammar so I was wondering  if there was a reason...
Misty_m2003 Misty_m2003 May 28
i would so be vanessa like screamin at the top of my lungs joking around is like what i do ha
Oouuu if she got kidnapped then yeahhh!
                              I love books with girls thag get kidnapped!
                              So spicy
XxCerexX XxCerexX Aug 28
Step one. Apply water to the burn
                              Step two. Don't approach the person who burned you ever again
                              sorry. just an over excited fangirl here