I See You  (Avatar x Reader)

I See You (Avatar x Reader)

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BusterKeatonFanatic By _Scoundrel104_ Updated 4 days ago

You're an intelligent scientist who arrives on Pandora with Jake Sully and Norm Spellman for the Avatar program. The head scientist, Grace treats you rather well, but is very strict at the same time. The more you experience the ways of the Na'vi on Pandora, you realize who the real enemy is. 

This is the movie by James Cameron! Not the anime that I hate. 

I do not own Avatar, but James Cameron does and you should definitely watch it if you have never seen it before.

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Mimiko8 Mimiko8 3 days ago
would you by any chance be willing to make a copy of this where it uses me ,my ,i stuff like that instead of you all the time i like the story its just hard for me to read it like this same with a few of my friends
Jar-head is a nickname for Marines. They call themselves that. Both of my parents are Marines. I don't mean to be rude I just thought you would like to know.
You could say that was just the Norm for him!~ 😂 
                              I'm not sorry
I just have to ask lol why do you hate the anime Avatar the last airbender?
Wolfyisawesome Wolfyisawesome May 30, 2016
Please update ur amazing I didn't realise u only had written this 9hrs ago keep goin ur good
Nightmare_weaver Nightmare_weaver Jun 30, 2016
Omg u so good at this please update!!! But if something is preventing u to do so then I completely understand.