Kik - ||Septiplier||

Kik - ||Septiplier||

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Stressed and depressed. By http-rosepetals Updated Feb 06, 2017

What happens when a green haired playboy messages a soft spoken red head?


Warning boy x boy, if you don't like that then gtfo.

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Codytheclod Codytheclod Apr 09, 2017
*looks at desc
                              sees playboy*
                              oh, where did my table go?
                              *glances to the totally quintessential table with its legs in the sky on the other side of the room*
                              oh... i did it again
Arialoston8 Arialoston8 Jan 30
                              KING IF FIVE NIGHTS AT FREEDYSSSSSSSSS
soph_the_wheelybin soph_the_wheelybin May 02, 2017
JACK?! DOMINATE OVER MARK?! HAH! GOOD ONE! oh.... you're being serious.... well no surprise he won't be later. ..
AbbyJean_02 AbbyJean_02 Aug 21, 2016
Awe, are they gonna meet and Jack's gonna be shy af? ☺️☺️that'd be so kawaii!!
bookworm1625347 bookworm1625347 Nov 22, 2016
I haven't even read the book, but Mark, a soft spoken person, what world is this, did I get transported again, DAD!
The_Bane_Children The_Bane_Children Jan 30, 2017
Omg.....I am called cupcake by everyone cause I am a hidden zebra cupcake like legit it says that in my kik