Strength Survives All {X-Men: Apocalypse, sequel to CTF}

Strength Survives All {X-Men: Apocalypse, sequel to CTF}

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ScxrletWagner By ScxrletWagner Updated Nov 04, 2016

Wanda Maximoff saved the future with Professor Charles Xavier, Hank McCoy, and Logan Howlett in 1973.

It's now been ten years and things have changed. Many things.

A big secret kept from both Wanda and her twin brother, Peter, was revealed.

An incident that included Wanda was caused, causing Wanda to question the safety of the people around her.

And now, the world's first mutant has awaken after thousands of years. And now seeing how the world is, he wants to cleanse the earth.

Mystique, Beast, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and other young mutants, including Jean Grey, Scott Summers, known as Cyclops, and Kurt Wagner, known as Nightcrawler, must stop this evil mutant from destroying their world.

They must use all the powers and strength they have.

Since only the strong will survive.

{Sequel to Change The Future}

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