Sweet Dreams || Quicksilver x Reader ||

Sweet Dreams || Quicksilver x Reader ||

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Pansexual Pirate By EchoingThroughTime Updated Oct 17

With the ability to teleport most definitely is quite the peculiar ability to deal with. In such a cruel, unforgiving world, you had no place to go. You traveled everywhere, trying to get away from the world you wished to damnation. 

From America to Europe, to Asian and even to Antarctica, there would always be variation of issues that would arise far to quickly and all to much. You struggled, you were broken, and you were drowning yourself in the depths of hell. 

Luckily, you were found by a young man would claimed his name to be Charles Xavier - or more commonly - Professor X. Life spiraled around you in nothing, but a blur and flurry of many. Many people surrounded you, all people who were like you - mutated and absolutely extraordinary. 

Then, as every cliché follows through, there's one specific mutant that caught your eye - one that is better than a simple sweet dream.

Sweet dreams
                              Are made of this
                              Who am I to disagree
                              I travel the world
                              And seven seas
                              Everybodys lookin for someone. 
                              I think thats the lyrics idk lol XD
corvusminor corvusminor Oct 10
As a genderfluid person, I understand that you'll be writing from a female's point of veiw and I totally understand! Also thank you for not trying to emphasize the gender alot!
grxce_fxce grxce_fxce Jun 15
Oh my god, this is awesome! I can't wait for the next chapter! 😆
Blaire0407 Blaire0407 Aug 17
                              WHO AM IIII TO DIS-A-GREEEE
                              TRAVEL THE WORLD AND THE SEVEN SEAS,
                              EVERYBODIES, LOOKIN FOR SOMETHIN
OMG!!! This is awfully awesome!
                              Sorry, that's just my way of saying how wonderful things are! ^^
                              But please, you must update. I'm patiently waiting for your next chapter. Don't keep your readers waiting dear. ;)