Vampire Boy

Vampire Boy

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The new boy at our school. Practically every girl wants him and secretly I do too. He's tall, handsome, Athletic, and sweet from what I've seen. 

But he's pale, dark eyes, and quite, he doesn't really talk to any guys or girls, except me. He makes my life better.

Julian was his name...

Eva, a young girl wishing for a normal last year of school. But no. Eva's anxiety always gets in the way of her decisions. Until she meets the hottest boy in school, Julian.

He makes things better for her, dealing with her drucken dad and the loss of her mother, he's there for her but she knows soon enough he'll leave but she takes chances of staying seeing how long it'll last.

 Figuring out that the boy she falls in love with is a vampire, it soon becomes her only wish to be one too.

  • boy
  • girl
  • love
  • romance
  • vampire
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GetThePopcorn GetThePopcorn Dec 30, 2017
im thicc while your a sticc 
                              get out of my way before i snap you in half.
theminecrafthope theminecrafthope May 01, 2017
this is kanda sorta exsactly like twilight but, I still like it!
nana7abena nana7abena Apr 20, 2017
Wait im reading the comments and ppl r getting mad... i thought it was her bff or something saying tht
Ihatenormalpeople123 Ihatenormalpeople123 Jul 22, 2016
Yours too small? I mean I know you're an A-cup, but I don't think that's a reason to be a bitch
maymay13579 maymay13579 Oct 26, 2016
How is that even an insult? Some people would consider that as a compliment
bubblove bubblove Nov 05, 2016
This happens to me alot in class but the only difference is the teacher picks on me when there r soooo many people lifting their hands up........And you're like .....WTF BRO ...WHY ME ? ...CAN'T UR STUPID EYES SEE THAT MY HAND ISN'T UP AND OTHERS ARE! !????!!!!!!!!.....LIKE REALLY !!!!!!!!???????