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Atychiphobia (Sans X Reader) *Completed*

Atychiphobia (Sans X Reader) *Completed*

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Broken Heart, Mending... By BrightHeart246 Completed

Atychiphobia- fear of failure
  I thought that this fear would go well with the character (you) because having the fear of failing is the reason you stay determined. That makes sense, right?
  Well, anyway, I wanted to do an Undertale story, and my favorite Undertale stories happen to be "x reader" books. (BTW, good job to the authors of any "x readers" if any of you cool people might see this.)
  I decided to do a Sans x Reader because my favorite character in Undertale is Sans, and I love making stories (even though this is only my first on wattpad). 
  I hope you all enjoy. Tell me what you think in the comments.

Braixen087 Braixen087 4 days ago
Not even a minute into a new story, and I already hate my parents XD -_-
ProxieGeno ProxieGeno Mar 31
I already have a chance of having atychiphobia. Thanks Mom and Dad! :,)
Foster parents? Dang, you made me think of the Netflix "The Foster's" I need to catch up..
So our parents kick us out for a week with nowhere to go........ Awesome parenting guys. *cough* not *cough*
Braixen087 Braixen087 4 days ago
Again, I've been reading this for 30 seconds and I already wanna throw my parents into a giant bucket of acid
BlackRockShooter44 BlackRockShooter44 Jun 28, 2016
:)  OMG THIS IS SO GOOD!!!!!! Its greater then Papyrus. *Megalovania* Sorry Sans for calling this better then Papyrus. ITS BETTER THEN UNDERTALE!!! (happy sans).