Teach Me To Dance (A BTS Fanfiction)

Teach Me To Dance (A BTS Fanfiction)

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For Rona, making it into the highest level dance class offered was her most prized honor. It stayed that way until a dancer of the popular band in town asked her to help choreograph their performance for the Fall Music Festival.  Will she accept? And how easy will it be able to teach the childish boys of BTS? 

ѕтαятє∂: 6/3/16
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Updates on Tuesdays (and sneak-peaks of upcoming chapters every Friday on my other book, "I.M. what I.M | me")

NOTE: I don't own BTS or anything, this is a fanfiction. Anything they say or do in the series doesn't reflect them in real life. There are some changes that are used to fit them into the story, and references used along the way. I also do not own any pictures, gifs, or videos in the chapters unless specified (because if I did do something, I'd be pretty proud)

Oh don't worry just skip those first two units it'll be fine
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                              Rona's a lucky ass motherfûcker