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Dilapidated 《Teen Wolf》

Dilapidated 《Teen Wolf》

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♤ melissa ♤ By AintThatDevine Completed

Beacon Hills' community becomes laced with demons who are wanting something in particular and the only one who seems to know what they're doing is Stiles Stilinski's sister Addison. It seems the innocent little one isn't as clean as everyone though and only big, bad Derek Hale is willing to give her the time to explain.
The King of Hell wants the Eclipse Child, a special person that he can weaponize to end the world. It's known to run in the blood of the Stilinski's maternal line, but the only problem is that neither side of the battle knows which twin is the right one.
The King is willing to shed blood to obtain his prize, but the wolves and hunters of Beacon Hills are willing to do just the same to fight him off and take their town back.

teen_stiles teen_stiles Dec 21, 2016
thank you for doing the name Addison. That's my name and I haven't found any story's with it so thank you 🙃
crystaliaamaquelin crystaliaamaquelin Oct 26, 2016
Dean and Derek in one place!? I don't think my soul will make it out the other end of this book! 😭
KathyGarcia921 KathyGarcia921 Sep 12, 2016
I only watched the first season😅 will i be able to understand the book or do i😂 have to be watching the show now
IsaacLaheysAnchor IsaacLaheysAnchor Jul 23, 2016
I did that with my book. I put supernatural and teen wolf in a Fanfic together. Yall should go read My Father Dean on @huskypup_2120's page.
werewolflover395 werewolflover395 Oct 03, 2016
Kfeeebe Kfeeebe Aug 26, 2015
Do we need to know the story line of TVD and supernatural to read the story?