I Hope You Don't Regret Me (sequel to Bedless) | kellic (boyxboy)

I Hope You Don't Regret Me (sequel to Bedless) | kellic (boyxboy)

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sequel to Bedless. 

that's all you need to know. 


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Why’re you such a friggin bitch? How the fu ck are you so blind to see how precious Kellin is??
ThatKid_WithRainbow ThatKid_WithRainbow Jul 29, 2016
What happened in your childhood to make you do this to an innocent human being ?
qualified_fangirl qualified_fangirl May 30, 2016
Do you know about all of this? If so why are you not helping him?
blym8749 blym8749 May 30, 2016
Are you aware of what has been going on with Vic and Rollins relationship? Why have you let it happen?
homoquinn homoquinn May 29, 2016
How do you feel about kellins situation with Vic, do you agree with him leaving (of course you do)
homoquinn homoquinn May 29, 2016
Neighbors--- have you ever suspected anything? Especially when Kellin took off out the house?