messages || jelena

messages || jelena

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J. By jelcna Updated Dec 22, 2016

{ justinbieber started following you.
justinbieber liked your photo. 
justinbieber commented: damn shawty, you're hot. hmu ;)) } 

what happens when a flirty comment blooms a friendship, feelings, and mistrust between the two. 

find out on messages via jelcna.

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Just letting know when Justin Bieber asked his her what city were you born in she says quote on quote Los Angeles well and matter-of-fact Los Angeles is not a city in Florida
tkvkdldj tkvkdldj Jan 23
ho! The 1975! I love them so much and their t-shirts and other stuff are sooo pretty
Nashleo Nashleo Mar 03
What is this? How I meet your mom or something 
                              .... Too much drama fo ma
tkvkdldj tkvkdldj Jan 23
awww same!!!!!!! I love their song... UGH! and The Sound, Chocolate, She's American, etc... so much! x
I would probably win like 3 goals and then let him win! That way I'll still have my dignity. XD
Lostlover1992 Lostlover1992 Dec 15, 2016
TBH in this one he looks eh but there's some where he is daddy af