When my mate was taken (drarry)

When my mate was taken (drarry)

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Gorgi xx By gorgii_x Updated Feb 23, 2017

Draco Malfoy is lucky. He met his mate when he was two. His name was Kovus Riddle, and he was totally in love with him for two years. Except Draco didn't realise that until Kovus went missing. 

Now Draco's fifteen, in desperate need of his mate. Will he ever find Kovus again? 

Harry Potter often feels as though he's not meant to be him. As though he's meant to be someone else. If only he was the young boy in his dreams, with a father and a mate. That little boys name is Kovus. Harry just wished he was real.

I wrote a little bit of this story on my other account, but I wanted to write it on this one. Just so you know I'm not stealing the story, it's mine!

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You know it always kinda freaked me out that his eyes were like constantly twinkling in the books like um what
Butterflies are pretty evil. A swarm of them atacked my cousin once.
I just want to hold him now! 😢 My mother instincts have come out to play!
They lead children into the great world we call danger and death
All of these little Draco and Harry stories are making instincts I didn't know I had come out.
butterflies are tiny demons that r waiting for the right time to take over the world