Jock In Disguise • Jb x Ag

Jock In Disguise • Jb x Ag

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Shan By HotlineBleeng Updated Sep 12

She was the tomboy of the school and the younger sister of the most popular jock of the school.

On the first day of another year of school, she comes across someone she's been searching for for a while now.

But he wasn't what she thought he was. It was all part of a game....

I already made up my mind, I think Justin just acts like a nerd because he made a pact with that girls brother (I already forgot the name of that girl lol) but Justin is NO WHERE near a nerd in 'real life' ya know? He just acts like that. 
                              ^^its probably my fantasy 🙄
Love this story already can't wait for the next chapter ❤️
I shower every other day because I need my hair to stay in fleeekkkkk
I think Justin is in some kind of gang and in order to hide his identity he acts and dresses like a nerd maybe I'm wrong but that's what I think
And also I don't wanna be labelled Bella 2.0 so if we are gonna be friends u have to be the 2.0 or change ur name
I shower everyday but every other day I wear a shower cap so my hair stays perf