gotwice |one shots| Open {slow.updates}

gotwice |one shots| Open {slow.updates}

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Sad, Fluff, Sweet...

Ending this at 500 one shots

•Published: May 29, 2016•

[  ]Completed

S L O W   U P D A T E S


Book Covers:

Zhou Tzuyu √
Son Chaeyoung √
Kim Dahyun √
Myoui Mina √
Park Jisoo
Minatozaki Sana
Hirai Momo
Yoo Jeongyeon
Im Nayeon

Kim Yugyeom
Kunpimook Bhuwakul
Choi Youngjae
Park Jinyoung
Wang Kayee
Im Jaebum
Tuan Yien


50 one shots √
100 one shots
150 one shots
200 one shots
250 one shots
300 one shots
350 one shots
400 one shots
450 one shots
500 one shots

//Cover made by TofuTozaki_986//

defsoul- defsoul- Jun 24, 2016
My bias is Nayeon and Mark i want Nayeon and Mark. Sad romance?🙏thnks
minnie_panda minnie_panda May 29, 2016
Leader couple jiho and jb 
                              Mina and Junior
                              Nayeon and Youngjae
                              Jackson and Dahyun