The rejected hybrid assassin

The rejected hybrid assassin

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Nicquell Riddle By i_am_psycho_girl_713 Updated Nov 25, 2017

Being an outcast isn't fun considering all the bullies, but on Althea's case she's okay being unnoticed since she's an omega , that makes her the packs punching bag, and slave.

Althea's only hope of saving is the little flickering piece of faith of her mate saving her from her anguish that was soon extinguished by none other than himself, having tolerated enough of their abuse she ran away , only to be accepted in the strongest pack, but what she didn't know was what the moon goddess planned for her.

After years of torturous training Althea finally  became the strongest being , everything was perfect, but everything took an eventful turn when she was told to return to her old pack.

  • family
  • fantasy
  • hybrid
  • rejection
  • secondchance
  • war

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