Pentagon Chatroom

Pentagon Chatroom

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Celine_lovelates By Celine_lovelates Updated Jul 24

The very first chatroom dedicated to the upcoming rookie group pentagon :)

Wait wait wait... hold that thought. It's NOT just a chatroom! It's a chatroom which involves the Pentagon members going on crazy adventures and them getting into trouble with the world. If you like crazy adventures, welcome aboard!!! 

Characters : 











❤Will include other members from other groups, I like idols socializing, so I will include other people in this chatroom too❤

✔Updates every Monday. 

✔Will update on other days if there is a special occasion or if I'm away for a while.

✔Feel free to comment!!! This is America! There is freedom and- oh wait nvm I'm in Sg ._.

✔Suggestionsss are opennn :)))

✔I am quite bias sometimes, especially with Hongseok, but I will try my best to give the spotlight to every member :>

✔Please no stealing of my ideas. If you want to use some of my ideas or concept, please credit me or ask for my permission first. I work hard writing these chapters and it is not easy to come up with some "fancy" new idea every week :))

✔This chatroom does not reflect on the boy's characteristics, this is just for fun and entertainment. Please don't get too sensitive or serious about it I love the boys loads okayzz??  ❤❤❤

✔I do collabs, requests are open :)

Let's be Chingudeuls :)

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driverchoi driverchoi Jul 17
um is my life a fûcking joke learning all your names, birthdates and faces watching three days worth of youtube pentagon moments just to recognize you all is my life a jOkE
Namonusisugeee nemaba a smamurughe sonehdja and now let me cheer up! Korean level: over 90000
I think he wants only Jinho to be naked.  If you know what I mean :)